Episode 6 – Nerd Chatter

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Had a blast on this episode! It was actually ready last week but due to my contracting something that could only be The Plague, I wasn’t able to edit it. We’ve got a super nifty Uncut show for next week (Stephen has taken to calling it “The Uncircumcised Edition”. Should be fun! Later, Nerds!

Guardians of the Galaxy
Tampa Bay Comic Con Recap
Daredevil Casting
Marvel Licensing
Heroes Reborn
Deadpool POC
Silent Hills
The Bobadook
Batman Eternal
Black Widow

See you next week!

Episode 5 – Questionable Content (James Whynot)

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So… we had a guest this week… and this episode is HILARIOUS. But we totally have to add

SERIOUSLY lol There’s a ton of language and questionable content on todays episode. But it is hella funny and a blast and a half to listen to 😀

James Whynot’s Tumblr
Outcast Comic
Star Mage Comic
FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics
Tusk Trailer
Mad Max Trailer
Batman v. Superman Trailer (No reliable link… Google is your friend!)

Episode 3 – Convention Survival Guide

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F-Bomb warning! If these sorts of things offend you, be warned they be hear. But it’s a reference to Snakes on a Plane… Who doesn’t love Samuel L?

Switt! and Aarpie! discuss IDW’s Locke & Key, Dick Sprang Batman Black & White Statues, Evil Dead II collectibles from Sideshow Collectibles, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Harrison Ford’s Injury, and Nathan Fillion’s role in Guardians of the Galaxy (WE WERE WRONG! O_O).

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Episode 2 – Gene Hoyle, Gateway Runners

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Join us this week as we sit down with Gene Hoyle of NerdNation fame and talk about his upcoming comic Gateway Runners. We also discuss Samurai Darth Vader, Agents of Shield, Black Science, Constantine, and a blue million other things!

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